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Windows 7 – Getting the quick launch back

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If you are wondering how to get your quick launch back on Windows 7, here is a good explanation:…

Windows 7 – where to find the hosts file?

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Where to find the Windows 7 hosts file?

Answer: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\

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Minimizing Skype to the system tray on Windows 7

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Learned the trick here:

Nice Excel trick

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If you would like to show two Excel documents in separate windows (because you are using multiple monitors), open multiple copies of Excel by holding down the control key when clicking Excel. Drop the documents in the Windows and voila…
An even nicer trick of course is called

Mail merging e-mail in Outlook

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I always forget how to do mail merging in Office / Outlook. Here is the link which explains how it works:

MPlayer and MEncoder to the rescue!

For those of you that have not discovered MPlayer and MEncoder yet. If you find yourself trying to combine dozens of codecs, converters, etc. and nothing works, to convert a movie, try MPlayer and/or MEncoder. Every time I have problems converting MEncoder proves to be the solution.


Excellent tool on many platforms for note taking:

Google Calendar Sync with Outlook

Nice tool, but a pity that they do not offer to sync multiple calendars:

Commands for Windows

This is very useful page:

This gives a huge list of commands for different windows utilities, like the disk management tool (DISKMGMT.MSC). I always forget the command, perhaps you do too.

Ruby for Windows 7


Find the installer for Ruby on Windows here: