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Embedding Slideshare on

If you are trying to figure out, like me, how to embed Slideshare presentations on, here is how to do it:

Evernote web clipping on iPad and iPhone


If you like web clipping as much as I do (I love to use Evernote to remember what I have found on the web) and would like to use it on your iPad/iPhone too, please take a look at this link:

It works.


TodoIst offline

Just wanted to share a great tool I use: Todoist ( Great tool to manage your tasks in projects. I like the interaction a lot. Everything is AJAX, but you can do a lot on the task description input, such as “@hobby Find a new hobby !p1” to add a task “Find a new hobby” with priority 1 and tag “hobby”. Great for my tasks and follow-up lists. Recently they released a version that you can use offline as well. Really great when you are on a plane.

The only disadvantage is that they have limited the amount of projects to 80. Not great when you want to carefully keep track of a lot of things. If you agree, vote here:


Google Drive is here!

Competition for Dropbox has emerged: Google Drive.

Google Calendar Sync with Outlook

Nice tool, but a pity that they do not offer to sync multiple calendars:

Gmail and Thunderbird: New messages because of “Important” tag

If you, like me, use Thunderbird to read your Gmail account, and your e-mail keeps indicating new e-mail has arrived, because of the Gmail “Important” tag, you can turn it off by going into the Gmail settings, by logging into Gmail, select Settings > Labels, and turn off the Show in IMAP toggle.

That should solve the problem.